Stars & Icons is a series of original portraits and illustrations depicting iconic people from various fields including art, film, music and literature.

The illustrations have been produced as a number of products and I have designed a dedicated website for these that can be viewed here:
Stars & Icons

Title image Stars & Icons
Frameable Cards

Card Front Card Back
A6 size (148mm x 105mm)
FRAMEABLE notecards

With a blank inside and reverse revealing the depicted icon and printed on FSC mix card

Card Framed

A selection of cards are currently on sale at the BFI shop London and the Prowler Store in Soho London.

Frameable Cards
Picture Cards Box Closed Picture Cards Box Open
A full set of 40 picture cards, plus checklist and title card. Each card is professionally printed front and back, hand cut and glued together to give extra thickness.
The cards are wrapped in four individual packs.
Each card measures approx 6.4 by 8.9 cm and printed on FSC mix card stock.
Picture Card Front Picture Card Back
Each main card includes: On the front a graphic/illustration/portrait from the 'Stars & Icons' series. On the reverse, a short description and details of the depicted icon.
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