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A commercial competition brief run by Tigerprint for Marks & Spencer to design 5 cards with inspirational positive messages.


Using playing cards to communicate a positive message. The message inside also links to the playing card.


A unique feature is that the playing card can be removed from the front for the recipient to keep as a keepsake.
The playing card fits inside wallets and purses and
some credit card holders.
On the reverse of this card is
a positive message.
The unique feature is explained on the back of each card.
I branded the cards 'Cards 2 Keep' focusing on the unique feature.
Two designs are aimed at
adult males and females,
one is left neutral for both sexes and two at younger
male and female adults
or teenagers.
Female Ace Card - Created by Steven Parry -

Ace Card Being Removed - Created by Steven Parry -

 Removing the playing card

Ace Female Playing Card - Created by Steven Parry - www.stevenparry.netAce female Playing Card Reverse - Created by Steven Parry -

 Playing card front & reverse

Ace Card Back - Created by Steven Parry -


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  Female Ace Card Link      Male Ace Card Link           

Project Sketchbook (3.15 mb)

Project Sketchbook

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